You want to get in touch with the HeathenRock Crew? For Newcomer band applications you can use the contact form under „Bewerbung“ for general inquiries, orders, etc. you can go to „Kontakt“

You want to have a direct contact person? Click on „weiterlesen“ to have the names, e-mai addresses and jobs of our crew for the Festival and Entertainment.

Contact persons HeathenRock FESTIVAL:

Alexander Göttsche [CEO] –
Janne Müller [Management] –
Wolfgang Kühnle [Management] –

Contact persons HeathenRock ENTERTAINMENT:

Alexander Göttsche [CEO] –

With HeathenRock Entertainment we can assist you with organizing tours in whole Europe. Also single shows are interesting for us, for example if you need some dates to be filled or something. Just get in touch with us.
Our specialized ares are: northern germany, ruhrpott area, Belgium, The Netherlands & Paris.

Thanks in advance.



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