“Support Your Way Of Music“ – This is our motto.
We founded our „HeathenRock“ Festival on 26th of febuary 2010. The first event took place in the “Blue Star” in Neu Wulmstorf.
The very familiar flair is very important for us and not only for the festival itself even with our bands we try to keep close and familiar contact.

Our festival is the longest existing metal festival in Hamburg which takes place every year and we are very proud of that alltough we have “only” arround 700 visitors per year.

Besides the festival we also organizing tours, concerts and have a fixed booking rooster. It doesn’t matter what we do – what matter is that we keep our motto in our heart and all our actions. We don’t want to work only with the best known bands in the market or organize the most profitable shows – we want to support each band which deserves it. “Support Your Way Of Music” is kind of a lifestyle”

After 11 years of organizing our festival, tours and single shows we decided to create everything new. This had the effect that we decided to stop the HeathenRock Festival after 11 years to focus more on our main competence: Organizing of single shows and complete tours in europe.

We did Shows in 9 different european countries and worked all in all with more then 100 different bands. We are very proud to say that each single band / promoter / location / etc. always likes working with us and we have a very good reputation in the scene.