HS LOGO - KopieSince their formation in 2009, HERBSTSCHATTEN stand for handmade black metal from Hamburg. Within their style they connect the new and old, melody and brute. Traditional folk influences encase progressive hard rock passages. German and Norwegian lyrics are mostly growled but also softly sung, thus melancholic clean vocals meet merciless blasts. Since their 2013 debut release “Liv og død”, the band played numerous shows in Germany. The corpsepaint wearing northerners made their mark in the underground (and partially beyond it) because of their intense live shows. The band went on a hiatus in 2015 to reflect on itself and form anew. The band changed its members on bass as well as second guitar and vocals and celebrates its resurrection with the EP “Bergtempel”, which was released on 30th November 2018.

On their first European tour in November 2019 the band played in DE, BE, FR, AT & CZ.

For 2020 some major festival and medium sized festivals are already booked, as well as a new tour with some international club shows.

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The press on Liv og død:

“The compository and technical level is quite high for an indigenous production. The listening pleasure does not fall by the wayside. Moreover, the Northern Germans win favour for the linguistic engagement.” [Powermetal.de – 7/10P]
[Translation of original review]

“Liv og død means ‘life and death’ – a better title could not have been chosen. Herbstschatten sends the listener on an incredible journey through different emotional situations and shows us what it means to lose oneself in music. It’s not a typical, conservative or rough black metal album for sure, but it’s a great union of different elements that form a perfect creation.”  [Disctopia.de – 10/10P]
[Translation of original review]

The band convinces at live shows as well:

“Herbstschatten from Hamburg provided a first highlight at the festival with their home game. The band completely convinced the audience with their hard, cold but also very atmospheric black metal. If someone still doesn’t know these guys, they should change that immediately.”
[Disctopia.de – report on HeathenRock 2014] [[Translation of original review]

“ However, they could not stand up to HERBSTSCHATTEN, who apparently came with their own fan club. That’s the impression one could get, at least, because the pit was immediately crowded and one could not miss the fans. The guys even mesmerised me, although I am not a black metal lover. HERBSTSCHATTEN rocked the Heathen Rock Festival without a doubt.”
[Reaperzine – report on HeathenRock 2014] [Translation of original review]

“Every note finds its way into the listeners’ ear canals. They move to the beat and look like a horde of zombies. It gets faster with the song Vollstreckung, which begins powerfully and even showcases the German lyrics. Arcs of suspense are created perfectly and the listener is sucked into a hurricane. Short solos, which are distorted, are heard as well as short drum insertions and so the monotony is torn up, and the arrangement seems livelier. The fans seem to enjoy it a lot, because they applaud the band many times.” [Time-For-Metal – report on Lauffeuer Vol. 1] [Translation of original review]